Washroom hygiene equipment

Washroom hygiene equipment

We offer our clients a wide range of equipment to suit both their budget and aesthetic/image requirements for their facilities.

Deep Cleaning

Specialist cleaning services.

Specialist deep cleaning service for washrooms, commercial kitchens and carpets floors, areas that are known to breed and harbour harmful germs and bacteria

IT Cleaning

IT and Data Centre Cleaning.

IT Hygiene includes cleaning of Desktop computers, Laptops, Telephones, Copiers, Faxes, ATMs, and EPOS Machines.

Workplace hygiene consumables

We deliver to your door.

The best range of products around, from toilet tissue to cleaning products, hand towels to soap, and wipes to first aid kits among many many others.

Portable toilet hire

Clean, hygienic portable toilets.

Our Site Services business unit, HYGITOL is focussed on providing customers with clean, hygienic and well serviced portable toilets and VIP Mobile Trailers, Portable Hand Washing Stations, Site Office and Storage Huts.

Integrated Hygiene Solutions.

First Rate Group is a level 1 BBBEE specialist provider of integrated workplace hygiene solutions. We specialise in delivering bespoke solutions that are designed to meet individual needs of clients in a cost-effective manner which are geared towards ensuring a clean and hygienic workplace/environment for their staff and customers without tying them down to lengthy, complicated, inflexible, troublesome and difficult to get out of contracts. We are comfortable that our service and back-up service will keep customers with us . We’re committed to building long-term relationships with clients to help them meet the growing need for world-class care, health and safety of employees, customers, and the environment.

Washroom Hygiene Services

Customer-centric service utilising modern & reliable hygiene equipment to deliver best in class services.

Deep cleaning

Specialist service for washrooms, commercial kitchens, carpets and areas known to harbour harmful germs and bacteria.

IT Cleaning

CLINIT are specialists in the cleaning and contamination management of IT equipment and infrastructure.

Portable toilet hire.

Clean, hygienic and regularly serviced portable toilets, VIP mobile toilet trailers, site offices and storage huts.

Workplace Hygiene Consumables

We deliver.

Workplace Hygiene Facts

The true cost of hygiene in the workplace

1 in 3 employees admit they don’t wash their hands every time they visit the washroom

Office workers spend an annual average of 37,6 hours in the washroom

21000 Germs

In 2013, 3.96 million workers were absent due to sickness during the year, compared to 700 000 in 2000.


Women's workspaces are 20% cleaner than men's

flu viruses can survive on hard surfaces for up to 2 days.

A typical desk has up to 10 million bacteria, that is 100 times more than a kitchen counter and 400 times more than a toilet seat.

The average output per worker in 2012 was R145 233 per year – or R586.19 per working day. In 2011 this loss of output due to sickness totalled R4.29bn. Cumulatively, since 2000 the economy has lost R55.2bn in real terms due to sickness.

20 Things you Didn’t Know About… Hygiene

 20 Things you Didn’t Know About… Hygiene Cleanliness is serious business; dirty hands killed a U.S. president. 1  “Hygiene” comes from Hygieia, the Greek goddess of health, cleanliness, and . . . the moon. Ancient Greek gods apparently worked double shifts. 2  The human body is home to some 1,000 species of bacteria. There are more germs on your body than people in the United States. 3  Not tonight dear, I just washed my hands: Antibacterial soap is no more effective at preventing infection than regular soap, and triclosan (the active ingredient) can mess with your sex hormones. 4  Save the germs! A study of over 11,000 children determined that an overly hygienic environment increases the risk of eczema and asthma. 5  Monks of the Jain Dharma (a minority religion in India) are forbidden to bathe any part of their bodies besides the hands and feet, believing the act of bathing might jeopardize the lives of millions of microorganisms. 6  It’s a good thing they’re monks. 7  Soap gets its name from the mythological Mount Sapo. Fat and wood ash from animal sacrifices there washed into the Tiber River, creating a rudimentary cleaning agent that aided women doing their washing. 8  Ancient Egyptians and Aztecs rubbed urine on their skin to treat cuts and burns. Urea, a key chemical in urine, is known to kill fungi and bacteria. 9  In a small victory for cleanliness, England’s medieval King Henry IV required his knights to bathe at least once in their lives—during their ritual knighthood ceremonies. 10  That’s their excuse, anyway: Excrement dumped out of windows into the streets in 18th-century London contaminated the city’s water supply and forced... read more

who’s not washing their hands

A recent study has found that although most people claim to wash their hands after dirty activities, when you observe them in , the story (especially for men) is a little different. Like this:Like... read more

Hygiene vs Social Media

An interesting infographic showing our skewed priorities. Almost everyone is using social media, does this come at the cost of our personal hygiene? Like this:Like... read more

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