Specialised Deep Cleaning

The day to day level 1 cleaning of various areas of the workplace/facility is not enough to eliminate grime, dirt, germs and bacteria that builds up over a long time. First Rate Group offers a specialist deep cleaning service for washrooms, commercial kitchens and carpets floors, areas that are known to breed and harbour harmful germs and bacteria.

To prevent the buildup of hidden embedded germs and bacteria a specialist deep washroom cleaning service is required to fully ensure you are providing a hygienic washroom environment for your visitors.

First Rate Group deep washroom cleaning service thoroughly cleans and sanitizes all sanitary ware with specialist cleaning chemicals, ensuring all dirt and grime that harbors bacteria is removed.

As well as the toilets, urinals and basins, the floors, showers and other fixtures within the washroom are cleaned and sanitized. This completely removes odour causing bacteria from the washroom.

Primary pipe work and urinal traps are cleaned of any blockage and uric salt deposits removed ensuring free flowing drainage and blockage casing debris is removed.

First Rate Group kitchen deep cleaning service ensures a consistently high standard of kitchen cleanliness

Commercial catering environments such kitchens, canteens and food preparation areas must adhere to stringent legislation governing their condition and hygiene standards. Periodic kitchen deep cleaning helps maintain a high standard of hygiene and compliance with legislation.

Failure to meet the hygiene standards set out by the Food Safety Act 1990 and the Food Hygiene Regulations 2006 can lead to severe fines that can have a negative effect on profitability, as well as on the reputation of the business. In addition, poor cleaning procedures can lead to bacterial contamination, spread of diseases, pest infestations and reduced equipment life.

Daily cleaning routines can maintain a good level of hygiene. However on less accessible surfaces such as walls, ceilings, lights, equipment and kitchen fittings, the gradual accumulation of grease and fat can provide a potential breeding ground for bacteria.

First Rate Group kitchen deep cleaning service provides and maintains a high standard of kitchen hygiene through thorough, regular cleaning. Burnt on carbon and fat deposits are removed, ensuring any potentially harmful bacteria are eliminated. Our trained specialists ensure floors, walls, ceilings, lights and all kitchen fittings and equipment are thoroughly cleaned. This procedure also helps to prolong the life of your expensive kitchen equipment.

First Rate Group CaterClean contract service provides your business with a ‘Hygiene Log’ that enables you to easily and simply demonstrate your ‘Due Diligence’ in minimising health risks to Environmental Health Officers.

Tailored to the specific requirements of your kitchen our deep cleaning solution can encompass the whole kitchen or individual pieces of equipment. We will schedule our visits at times convenient to you, ensuring minimal disruption to your business.

We provide our customers with the Quality carpet cleaning service at the most affordable price. We can offer this service as a Once-Off or a regular managed service.

Over time your carpet will get dirty and need to be professionally cleaned. Dirt, oils and other outside pollutants will soil your carpet quickly. It will not only look dirty and unattractive but will also wear out MUCH faster costing you THOUSANDS of rands to replace.

Dirty carpet not only appears horrible but can also contain several germs and bacteria. Such germs and bacteria could cause individuals in the office to get sick more regularly and will influence quality of air also. Particular ailments just like asthma could be activated and worsened by the germs and bacteria on dirty carpets. So if you desire your staff to be healthier and have better indoor quality of air have your carpets cleaned on a regular basis!

Simply vacuuming your dirty carpets on a consistent basis is simply not enough. In order to have really clean carpet as well as a healthy pleasant smelling facility, you need to have regular carpet deep cleaning service! How often you get them deep cleaned is perfectly up to you however 3 -6 months is a good rule of thumb.

Having your carpets cleaned on a regular basis can make your carpet look and smell new again. It will also dramatically increase the life of your carpet SAVING YOU THOUSANDS of rands in replacement cost and give your office/facility a professional IMAGE at all times


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