Washroom Hygiene Services

We offer a top notch customer-centric washroom hygiene service that utilises modern and reliable hygiene equipment to deliver best in class services. We offer our clients a wide range of equipment to suit both their budget and aesthetic/image requirements for their facilities.

We offer a wide range of feminine hygiene products. We can supply top opening units, foot operated and non-touch units. All feminine hygiene products are provided with an agreed service schedule to suit your specific needs. This can be twice a week, weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

We can supply folded paper towel units, towel roll dispenser units and warm air hand dryers. We have the ultra high tech V-hand dryers that dry hands in seconds and use a fraction of the energy of normal warm air dryers – saving around 80% of the cost of a normal dryer.

We have a large range of liquid and foam soap dispensers, in plastic Family Range and stainless steel Excel Range. We have pump foam dispensers or fully automatic, non-touch liquid soap dispensers that will compliment any washroom.

We have a fantastic range of air fresheners that can be programmed to deliver uplifting scents to any area. The Airoma patented I.P.E. system provides flexible programming options allowing costs to be fixed and matching fragrance delivery and odour control to location conditions. The I.P.E. facility enables programmable fragrance intensity, by allowing users to program up to 3 periods per day of enhanced fragrance delivery to suit location requirements. Higher fragrance levels can be selected at known busy periods. A countdown clock indicates time until next spray and confirms operation of unit.

The Quadrasan system provides continuous programmable maintenance ensuring W.C. and urinal fixtures remain clean, sanitized and odour free, while the Auto-flush provides automatic flushing of urinals after each use.

Our mat rental service improves safety while reducing cleaning and maintenance costs.The right floor mats can help to ensure safety in the workplace for employees and customers alike. Proper floor mat use and placement can help prevent slips and falls and otherwise unnecessary injuries on wet or soiled floors. Due to their relatively short life span, floor mats that are purchased can be costly in terms of replacement and their environmental impact on landfills. With FIRST RATE GROUP floor mat rental, all upfront expenses are eliminated and ongoing cleaning and regular replacement of floor mats is economical and convenient.


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